3 days in San Fran

3 days in san francisco

I love San Francisco!

  1. Ghiradelli
  2. Run along the bay, add in Lombard Street at Sunrise
    1. 3 mi
    2. 6 mi
    3. 9 mi
    4. link to a good loop on Strava
  3. Seafood at Fishermans Wharf with sourdough bread
  4. Stinking Rose garlic breath kisses
  5. Grab a glass of champagne at the Top of Mark
  6. Walk up Lombard street, and pay the $7 to get to the top of Coit Tower
  7. Al Catraz day trip
  8. Obviously ride the rails
  9. Add in a Napa / Sonoma stop
    1. stay at a bed and breakfast
  10. Rent bikes and ride across the bridge
  11. Take a boat cruise at Sunset and get some champagne!

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